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All Joxer

Everything Joxer, slash, fiction, discussion, icons.

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This community is all about Teh Joxer. Specifically, Joxer slash. Fanfiction, Discussion Topics, Icons, etc.

Rules and Regulations:

NO FLAMMING, whatsoever. Flames will not be tolerated, either against Joxer, one of TR's characters or one of the community's members.

This is primarily a Joxer community, but discussion about any and all of Ted Raimi's characters is welcome. But not of Ted Raimi, except in news posts.

This community's Do's and Don'ts:

1. Fics - must have Joxer or other TR character as a main character, and though this is a slash focused community, het and gen are more than welcome.
*Don'ts= real people fic. Will not be accepted and will be deleted.

2. News - about TR's carrer, the shows (XWP, HTLJ, SQ) or any other news pertaining to the topic at hand.
*Don'ts= random real life news that have nothing to do with the shows,
actors, fics or the community.

3. Icons - Any and all icons regarding Joxer, Jett, Tim, etc..., alone or wtih others, but it must have a TR character in them.
*Don't= Only icon posts or requests, for tutorials or icon questions try

4. Discussion Topics - regarding the shows, the fics, or the characters, again, as long as it has to do with one of TR's characters.
*Don'ts= no topic will be accepted if it or it's replies flames an actor,
character or member.